How Horizon House Saves Time and Manages Risk with FacilityForecast® Software

“zumBrunnen compiled all the data and gave us easy-to-use tools to manage and manipulate the information saving us time and helping us manage risk in the capital planning process.”
Tim Frazier, COO
Horizon House


Horizon House is a Life Plan Community (CCRC) in Seattle, WA. Their three towers, ranging from 18 to 20 stories, and additional 7-story wing were constructed over a 53-year period. The client needed help in accurately assessing the condition of the facilities and in developing an ongoing capital reserve funding plan to effectively budget for a mix of old and new construction.


zumBrunnen performed a Campus Wide FacilityForecast® study in June 2009. The study uncovered a fire Horizon Housepenetration issue in the garage for immediate repair and provided data to develop a long-term plan. The client uses zumBrunnen’s proprietary FacilityForecast® software as a risk management tool to save time and avoid surprises in the future.

“zumBrunnen compiled data on our facilities and created a very detailed database with the flexibility to calculate complex capital replacement budgets,” explained Tim Frazier, COO of Horizon House. “zumBrunnen gave us the tools to manage and manipulate the assets on an ongoing basis. With FacilityForecast®, we can easily move items, projects and timeframes around to see how the load demand moves in a very visible way. zumBrunnen’s Senior Project Manager was very knowledgeable and helped us through every step of the process.”

Services Provided:

  • Campus Wide FacilityForecast®
  • FacilityForecast® Software

Client Overview:

A non-profit Life Plan Community located in Seattle, WA. The community consists of three towers and one wing constructed between 1954 and 2007. The community includes:

  • Central Tower constructed in 1954 with 18 stories over 2 basement levels
  • East Tower constructed in 1981 with 19 stories over 1 basement level
  • West Wing constructed in 1984 with 7 stories over 4 levels of parking
  • North Tower constructed in 2007 with 20 stories over 5 basement levels
  • 398 independent living apartments
  • 91 supported living apartments units
  • Underground parking beneath all buildings
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