Facilities Management Audit Gives Woodward Academy Centralized Database and Ability to Accurately Forecast Out 20+ Years

“Our primary goal for the facilities audit was to develop a model to more accurately forecast for the future. With the FacilityForecast® Software system, we now have a centralized database and the ability to forecast out 20 years to better plan what we need to address and level out big ticket items each year.”
Barbara Egan, Vice President
Woodward Academy


Woodward Academy, located in metro Atlanta, has 52 buildings (totaling 1,068,414 sf) on two campuses and instructs 2,735 students. The school commissioned a full facilities audit for all the buildings, athletic facilities and grounds to help them more accurately forecast for the future.


Doug McMillan, Director of Project Management, lead zumBrunnen’s team in assessing the facilities. While Facilities Management Audit Case Study Woodward Academythe overall maintenance was good, the team found many deficiencies requiring attention, thus saving Woodward time in identifying issues so their staff could simply fix the problems.

Next, the building data was centralized in the FacilityForecast® Software system. The database brought everything together in one place making it easy to create a detailed budget for each building that shows what needs to be replaced/repaired and when it needs to be done. Also, when zumBrunnen ran the comprehensive funding plan for each building, they discovered the school was reserving twice as much as they needed per year, allowing Woodward to reallocate money for other priorities.

“Our goal is to be more proactive in managing our facilities and this system allows us to better plan for the future,” said Barb Egan. “zumBrunnen offered the right level of detail and adjusted their services to match our school’s level of expertise.”

Services Provided:

  • Campus Wide FacilityForecast® Study
  • FacilityForecast® Software Training

Client Overview:

Woodward Academy is the largest independent day school in the continental United States and Atlanta’s oldest college-preparatory school (founded in 1900).

  • Woodward Academy instructs 2,735 students in grades PK-12 on two campuses.
  • They have 52 buildings totaling over 1 million square feet of space.
  • They also have athletic fields, numerous exterior hardscape features, acres of parking lots, and an offsite transportation facility.

The facilities assessment included an inventory of all buildings, athletic facilities, hardscape and grounds owned by Woodward Academy:

  • 80-acre Main Campus (K-12), College Park, GA
  • 4-acre primary school campus, also in College Park, GA
  • 25-acre Woodward North (PK-6), Johns Creek, GA
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