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How Long Will Your Outdoor AC Condensing Units and Heat Pumps Last?

The answer depends on how and where they were installed. In multi-family environments, I frequently see outdoor condensing units installed too close together. Condensing units …read more


  HOW TO PREDICT THE FUTURE Can you  accurately estimate the useful life of your rooftop HVAC unit? How about your windows? Your roof? Chiller?  Sanitary waste pipe? As …read more

Doug McMillan Celebrates 20th Anniversary with zumBrunnen

Please join us in wishing Doug McMillan a very happy 20th work anniversary. Doug joined zumBrunnen in October 1998, and he has been a driving force in the company’s success …read more

Fraudsters Posing as a Construction Company

Learn how fraudsters posing as a construction company fleeced a client for almost $2 million! If your company regularly pays vendors with wire transfer payments, be on the loo …read more

PCA Success Story for TriBridge Residential

TriBridge Residential Counts on zumBrunnen’s Property Condition Assessments to Make Smart Real Estate Acquisitions “zumBrunnen’s reports make real estate transactions ea …read more

The Developer and Equity Partners Perspective

Construction Monitors: How Borrowers, Lenders, Developers, and Investors Can Better Partner The Developer and Equity Partners Perspective by John H. zumBrunnen, CEO, zumBrunne …read more

Benefits of 20-Year Planning: Why Smart Executives & Boards Focus on Long-Term Budgets

Remember as a child when the allowance your parents gave you was never enough?  Isn’t it ironic that capital expense replacement budgets are much like your allowance?  The …read more

Understanding Recent Code Changes Requiring Low Frequency Fire Alarm Signals

Understanding Recent Code Changes Requiring Low Frequency Fire Alarm Signals A recent code requirement for low frequency fire alarms (520 Hz) in commercial sleeping spaces wen …read more

Refrigerant Line Rooftop Penetrations

Refrigerant lines for rooftop condensing units must penetrate the roof at some point.  There are proper ways to create this penetration, and others are not-so-appropriate.  …read more


From pre-construction document review (of plans, specs and contracts) through monthly construction monitoring services, we ensure projects are properly designed and built. Ou …read more

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