zumBrunnen Announces Latest Release of FacilityForecast® Software Version 5.4 Offering Greater Control with Quick-Click Updates

The latest release of FacilityForecast® version 5.4 offers even more user-friendly features with increased functionality and enhanced reporting options. With zumBrunnen’s new version 5.4, users have more control over how they view and manage their data plus access to dynamic new funding reports that allow them to custom-design a replacement reserve-funding plan that works for their specific situation.

Atlanta, GA – February 16, 2011 – zumBrunnen, Inc., an independent building consulting firm, just announced the latest release of their proprietary FacilityForecast® Software System with version 5.4. The latest version of the software introduces more client-friendly features offering users greater control, enhanced functionality and increased funding report options. zumBrunnen’s clients with a current license of the FacilityForecast® Software System will receive the latest 5.4 update automatically.

“We created FacilityForecast® 13 years ago to meet the ever increasing complexities of budgeting and forecasting for facilities, including campuses and the real estate portfolios of our clients,” said John H. zumBrunnen, Founder and President of the firm and creator of the software system. “Our clients asked for a comprehensive but simple budgeting, reporting and analysis system they could easily update to manage their facilities and budgeting data in-house. So we created FacilityForecast® with the same functionality of Excel, so it would be intuitive and easy-to-learn and use. We continue to refine the software to meet our clients’ changing needs, and they are delighted with the latest enhancements. Our FacilityForecast® fans and fanatics are in for a real treat, and we can’t wait for all of them to experience the dynamic changes.”

New Features of FacilityForecast® Software System Release 5.4:

The latest release of FacilityForecast® Software includes three new exciting features:

  1. The ability to annually update all cost data with one simple procedure
  2. Change (quick-click) the inflation rate and reporting terms applied to reports from the main window task bar
  3. Provide a set of reserve funding plans based on nationally recognized reporting standards, which also allow for user customization

Below is a summary of these features and discussions pertaining to the various funding plans, reports and national standards.

1) Update File Years

This user-friendly feature allows the user to update old pricing (one or more years) to current year pricing with one simple procedure. Once the pricing update procedure is completed, the user may need to make some minor pricing edits to select items, where the one-time across the board pricing update does not net the desired cost. This feature allows for quick and accurate annual cost data updates, updates accomplished in minutes instead of hours!

2) Quick-Click Inflation Adjustment

This feature, located on the task bar at the bottom of the main window, allows the user to quickly adjust the inflation rate, report year or report term per click, while still viewing the main window data or reports. This feature allows for real time evaluation of the effect of various rates of inflation or term of years being viewed.

3) Reserve Funding Plans and Reports

These new feature reports are designed for properties owned or maintained by a common interest realty association (CIRA), state or federal authorities, or for the private sector. The funding plans take into account the annual expenses verses current reserve balance, inflation and interest earnings, from which various funding plans are developed.

These reports meet the national standards established and adopted by NRSS (National Reserve Study Standards), CAI (Community Associations Institute) and their RPDC (Reserve Professional Designation Committee), APRA (Association of Professional Reserve Analysts) and HUD. FacilityForecast® reserve funding plan reports include:

  • Funding Summary Report V-A: A summary of the funding report parameters and the first year funding requirements for each of up to five (5) possible funding plan options.
  • Current Funding Plan Table and Chart V-B: This report is simply a review of the current funding plan results; is the current plan adequate?
  • Fully Funded Plan Table and Chart V.C: This Fully Funded Plan is based on the Component Method, a method of funding individual accounts for 100% of accumulated depreciation.
  • Baseline Funding Plan Table and Chart V.D: This plan is based on the Cash Flow Funding Method, a method of amortizing the aggregate total to meet minimum funding levels as dictated by the worst year(s); this eliminates caring excess reserves. Note the “zero balance year” is the worst year, the year that determines the annual funding level for all prior years.
  • Threshold Funding Plan Table and Chart V.E: This is essentially a Baseline Funding Plan with a contingency, the threshold amount adjusted for inflation. Note the reserve fund balance in the worst year is the threshold amount verses a zero balance.
  • Modified Funding Plan Table and Chart V.G: When the above standard plans do not meet the need, this plan allows the User to tailor a funding plan to meet a unique statutory, covenant, or other special funding requirement(s).

Note all FacilityForecast® table reports can be exported to Excel in case a report needs to be modified.

“FacilityForecast® is much more than a series of static reports, it’s a dynamic tool that empowers the user to make critical funding, management and purchasing decisions year-after-year,” explains John H. zumBrunnen, President and Founder of zumBrunnen, Inc.

About zumBrunnen:

zumBrunnen, Inc. was founded in 1989. The Atlanta-based firm specializes in construction consulting, facility assessments, property condition assessments and long-range capital reserve planning services for a diverse list of national clients. The firm is also recognized for their proprietary FacilityForecast® Software System, a unique facilities condition assessment and budgeting tool designed to forecast and manage long-term capital replacement expenses and to provide custom reserve funding plans designed to their client’s business model.
The firm has completed notable projects in a variety of market sectors including senior living, healthcare, religious, multi-family, educational, institutional, mixed use, retail, office, warehouse, industrial, hospitality and public assembly. The firm is involved in LeadingAge (formerly known as the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging or AAHSA) and various other state chapters, as well as the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA), Coalition for Leadership in Aging Services (CLAS), Life Services Network (LSN), National Multi Housing Council (NMHC), Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA), Community Associations Institute (CAI), Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, North Carolina Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS) and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).

For more information about zumBrunnen, call 404-601-4050 or email info@zumbrunnen.com.

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