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Fall 2018

In this issue:

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Reserve Study Funding Plans

10 Fall Building Maintenance Tips – Prepare Now for Winter Weather

zumBrunnen Announces Firm’s Succession Plan and Ownership Transition to Rob Milam

Doug McMillan Celebrates 20th Anniversary with zumBrunnen

zumBrunnen Proud to Announce 21 New Projects

Summer 2018

In this issue:

Reserve Study Best Practices & the Most Common Omission in Forecasting

Asset Management 101: Making Sure Your Assets are Properly Insured

Justin Rider Joins zumBrunnen as Senior Project Manager

zumBrunnen Announces 20 New Commissions for their Building-Related Services

Spring 2018

In this issue:

20 Questions You Should Ask Prior to Beginning the Annual Budgeting Process

Curious About “Life Term” Budgeting? Set Up an Online Meeting to See a Customized Demo!

Are You Compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations?

zumBrunnen Announces New Projects for Their Reserve Studies, Construction Consulting, Property Condition Assessments & More

zumBrunnen Asset Management of Real Estate Holdings

Winter 2018

In this issue:

Key Considerations in Conducting a Thorough Facility Condition Assessment

Looking for Capital Planning & Reserve Study Budgeting Tools? Contact Us for a Demo!

Safe & Secure? Important Considerations to Factor into Your Building Security Program

Four Steps to Creating an Effective Asset Management Program for Real Estate Holdings

zumBrunnen Pleased to Announce Multiple New Projects in 12 States

ZumbrunnenFall 2017

In this issue:

Fall Building Maintenance Tips – Prepare Now for the Cold Weather to Come

Learn How zumBrunnen Helps TriBridge Residential Make Smart Real Estate Acquisitions

Hiring Maintenance and Service Contractors? Make Sure the Contracts Protect Your Business

zumBrunnen Pleased to Announce List of New Projects in 11 States


Summer 2017

In this issue:

How to Avoid Capital Budget Shortfalls: See the Four-Part Budgeting Process Used by Smart Executives

Learn How Elder Care Alliance Kept a Big Real Estate Purchase on Track with Assistance from zumBrunnen

Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Maintenance Services Versus Using In-House Resources

zumBrunnen Pleased to Announce New Projects in British Columbia and 14 States in the US

Businessman On A Video Or Conference Call On His Tablet

Spring 2017

In this issue:

Why Smart Developers & Equity Partners Add Third-Party Independent Construction Consultants to Their Team

Curious About “Life Term” Budgeting? Set Up an Online Meeting to See a Customized Demo!

Critical Factors in Selecting the Right Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

zumBrunnen Pleased to Announce New Projects in 13 States Across the Country

Panoramic and perspective wide angle view to steel light blue ba

Winter 2016

In this issue:

Tips to Increase Energy Efficiency Through Repairs & Improvements to Your Exterior Building Envelope 

Learn How Independent Construction Monitors Improve Projects for All Team Members 

What Executives Need to Know About Physical Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance Programs  

zB Capital Replacement Funds Article

Fall 2016

In this issue:

Will You Have Adequate Capital Replacement Funds for the Future?

Energy Conservation: Learn How Recommissioning of HVAC Systems Improves Efficiency

Fundamentals of Replacement Planning & Budgeting for the Executive Team

zB Energy Regulations Green Building

Summer 2016

In this issue:

What Executives Need to Know About Energy Conservation & New Reporting Regulations

Best Practices for the Management of Fixed and Moveable Assets

Benefits of 20-Year Planning: Why Smart Executives & Boards Focus on Long-Term Budgets


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