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Schools Benefit from zumBrunnen’s Vast Knowledge of Educational Facilities

zumBrunnen serves as a trusted advisor to schools and clients with educational facilities by helping them find optimal solutions to their facilities and building issues. Being impartial and independent allows zumBrunnen’s building experts to offer unbiased suggestions and truly partner with their clients. In the educational market, zumBrunnen assists public and private schools serving K-12 and also works with colleges and universities.

zumBrunnen’s knowledge of ALL types of educational facilities helps them accurately assess individual buildings (often serving a myriad of uses) as well as entire campuses or collections of buildings (generally of different ages) typically serving a variety of purposes from education and administration to specialty spaces such as: auditoriums, cafeterias and athletic facilities.

On our school and educational facility projects, we are generally hired by the Head of School, Chief Financial Officer, School Board of Directors and/or the Building Committee.

Services Typically Provided for Schools and Educational Facilities:

We help schools and clients with educational facilities evaluate and manage their existing buildings, oversee new construction and expansion projects, coordinate renovations and/or additions and assist with major repairs. Services we typically provide to our educational clients include:

  • Facility Audit with Immediate Repair Budget
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Strategic Capital Replacement Budget
  • Monthly New Construction Monitoring

zumBrunnen also offers a broad range of services from hourly consulting (to help with a specific question or issue) to a comprehensive range of services for construction monitoring, property condition assessments, and the development of capital replacement budgets or reserve studies. Please feel free to call us at 404-601-4050 or email us to discuss your specific needs.

Representative School and Church Clients:

Cannon School
Davis Academy
Fletcher School
Houston Christian High School
Kennesaw State University
Linton School
Lutz Preparatory School
Savannah Country Say School
Woodward Academy

Client Testimonials:

“Our primary goal for the facilities audit was to develop a model to more accurately forecast for the future. With the FacilityForecast® Software system, we now have a centralized database and the ability to forecast out 20 years to better plan what we need to address and level out big ticket items each year.”  Barbara Egan, Vice President, Woodward Academy

“The assessment helped us uncover facilities issues that could have grown into larger problems over time, and zumBrunnen helped us resolve them. The database allows us to accurately budget for the future and know how much to set aside for healthy maintenance reserves.”
Lynn Robertson, former Finance and Facilities Director, The Fletcher School

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College Reserve Study, University Reserve Study

Some Of Our Clients

Church Reserve Study, Savannah Country DayCollege Reserve Study, Woodward Academy

University Reserve Study, Kennesaw State UniversityFletcher School, Student Housing Capital Planning, Student Housing Reserve Study

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