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We Offer a Broad Range of Services Tailored to Client Needs

Our services empower clients to make smart business decisions about their buildings. At zumBrunnen, we never send out a junior inspector to do a senior project manager’s job.

As independent consultants, we proactively search for problems and facilitate productive resolutions. We guide clients to decisions that are beneficial to the team and the project.

We provide clients with the best information to make solid business decisions. Our Project Managers bring collaboration to the team and make sure the quality of the project remains intact while looking for logical ways to save time and money.

Three Core Service Categories with Options Customized to Meet Client Needs

zumBrunnen’s broad range of services are summarized in three main categories. However, these services are customized to each client’s specific needs. We also offer hourly consulting as an option to evaluate unique situations.

Construction Monitoring

From pre-construction document review (of plans, specs and contracts) through monthly construction monitoring services, we ensure projects are properly designed and built.  

Property Condition Assessment

Our facilities assessments help clients assess the condition of individual buildings, multiple facilities (or campuses) and portfolios of properties. 

Capital Replacement Budgeting

Our reserve study solutions simplify the planning process and offer “life term” projections to align income with expenses and are tailored to the client’s business model.

It’s all about the experience of the inspector conducting the inspection:

  • Like Location – Location – Location is to real-estate
  • Experience – Experience – Experience is to Facility Assessment and Replacement Budgeting, Planning and Monitoring

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