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FacilityForecast® Software is a unique facilities condition assessment and budgeting system designed to forecast and manage long-term capital replacement and operating expenses. The system efficiently and effectively manages expense data for the single stand-alone facility or for complex properties such as campus-style facilities, or multiple-site real estate portfolios. Reports are designed for use at all levels of management – “from the boiler room to the board room.”

FacilityForecast® – “The Need”

Managers are challenged with volumes of data to process and analyze when evaluating multiple buildings or a portfolio of properties. Prior to FacilityForecast®, establishing accurate 20- to 30-year capital replacement and operating expense budgets took an enormous amount of time, and was often a highly subjective process. Most find the process too time consuming, unreliable, and thus, the long-term capital replacement budgeting process has not been used effectively. This has resulted in management relying on short-term budgets rather than complete cost information.

Current spreadsheet software and budgeting tools fall short of today’s need for accurate forecasting of critical capital replacement and operating expenses. CFOs, property managers, facility engineers, investors, and owners all suffer from the time consuming chore of creating these budgets, exacerbated by limited tools and resources.

zumBrunnen, Inc., having provided facility condition assessment services for 25+ years, has developed the FacilityForecast® Software System to provide accurate and trusted information in an easy to learn and use software application. This tool can be readily applied to all industries accountable for managing buildings, as well as processes and systems.

System Specification

  • Developed in C++ Software
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Desktop Application with Online Help
  • Downloadable from the Internet

Reserve Budgets – Profile for All Buildings or Properties


Annual Reserve per Unit for Each Building (or Property)

Annual Reserve per Unit for Each Building (or Property)

Baseline Funding

Baseline Funding

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