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This software application efficiently and effectively manages expense data for complex properties such as mixed-use, campus-style facilities, or multiple-site real estate portfolios at field, regional, and corporate levels. FacilityForecast® reports are designed to improve decision making at all levels of management.

Facility Forecast Customized Design

Facility Forecast® is specifically designed for owners, facility engineers, and property managers to maintain and keep data current to meet their analysis and reporting needs. Markets serviced by Facility Forecast® include the following:

Senior Living Religious Industrial Complexes Office
Healthcare Resorts Hospitality Institutional
Education HOA Golf Courses Retail
Restaurant Chains Multi-Family Condominiums Government
Sport Facilities Entertainment Mixed-Use Private Clubs

Features and Benefites

  • Minimize data entry time by up to 70%
  • Mitigate data entry errors by up to 90%
  • Mitigate potential for incorrect tabulations and calculations
  • 8 pre-formulated forecasting methods pinpoint replacement schedules
  • Minimize due-diligence liability with comprehensive and accurate data
  • Ensure amortization of all planned expenses and income
  • Enure adequate reserves for high-cost years and the unexpected
  • Standardize corporate reporting formats and data
  • Reduce costs through collective purchasing power and master agreements
  • Master strategic planning and create alternative models
  • Provide concise reports and drill-down to critical data
  • Develop reliable benchmark data
  • EZ annual data and budget review and updating

Tables and Charts

Facility Condition Assessment, Facility ForecastTables and charts compile a mountain of data into precise and revealing data reports, which allow you to pinpoint “critical issues.” From here, drill-down to supporting data in the budget reports. These table and chart reports allow you to filter and select various options, including the term of the reports, amortization term, inflation and interest rates, expense classification, and budget mix. For examples of the charts listed below, please contact us for more information.

  • Individual Budget Report
  • Project @ A Glance® & Budget Comparison
  • Annual Cost Per Unit & Square Foot
  • Cost Category & Budget Totals
  • Facility Condition Index
  • Reserve Funding Plans

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