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Limit Your Exposure. Protect your margin. Get good clean deals done.

The zumBrunnen Property Condition Assessment. A higher level of due diligence. Cost-saving solutions. Total evaluation of the deal. It’s no wonder clients build the zumBrunnen PCA into their overall buying and selling business models.

We’ve built a better Property Condition Assessment.

Limit your exposure.

Manage your risk tolerance by utilizing Project Managers with decades of field experience. The zumBrunnen PM is an elite building expert with foremost knowledge of all systems. We know where to look and how to quantify issues fast. We catch the issues most standard due diligence would miss. We keep you out of trouble before and after the deal. Learn more about the elite zumBrunnen PM.

Get Good Clean Deals Done

A crisp, credible, detailed report from an independent expert eliminates arguments and builds consensus. You keep stakeholders confident you’re taking care of the investment. Our PCA eliminates surprises that can sink your deal.

Utilize Your Roadmap

Once you own a property you need to get up, running and producing income. zumBrunnen’s unique building expertise and software tools help you convert the detailed PCA assessment data into a realistic, cost-saving plan and budget. Learn more about FacilityForecast® software.

Customized Report Options

We can take the concept of a Property Condition Assessment and tailor it to a client’s specific needs. Here are some other frequently-used report names and specialty reports we create based on similar data:

  • Facility Condition Assessment  –  Alternate term for a PCA report.
  • PCA or Property Condition Assessment – Most commonly commissioned by the finance team and/or buyer in mergers and acquisitions. Also commissioned by the finance team and/or owner/borrower in refinancing transactions.
  • Compliance Report – This report is most commonly requested by the finance team and/or seller and/or buyer during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Completion Report – Conducted at or near the end of a project to ensure all work was done satisfactorily.
  • Disposition Report – Conducted prior to advertising property for sale to enlighten seller of property condition for enhanced negotiation power.
  • Transition Report – Documents condition of properties upon transferring from developer to condo or home owner’s association (HOA) management. 
  • Special Reports – We are always happy to discuss customizing a report for a client’s unique situation. Please feel free to call or send us a message. 

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