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What Our Clients Say About Us

"zumBrunnen, Inc. projected the long-term capital repair and replacement needs for our community, and their work was thorough and very helpful. We use the results of the FacilityForecast® study to support our long-range financial projections, to ensure adequate cash reserves, and to plan our preventive maintenance."
- David F. Lacy, Executive Director, Southminster


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Our Services

Construction Consulting

From pre-construction document review (of plans, specs and contracts) through monthly construction monitoring services, we ensure projects are properly designed and built. Our clear, detailed and objective reports track progress and identify critical issues for prompt resolution. Our expertise, coupled with our problem-solving approach, focuses the entire team on compliance, schedule and budget.


Property Condition Assessment

Our building experts catch issues others miss. Our detailed reports eliminate surprises that can throw off a budget or ruin a real estate transaction. Our facilities assessments help clients assess the condition of individual buildings, multiple facilities (or campuses) and portfolios of properties. Our detailed assessments are essential for accurate capital budgeting and provide strong negotiation power in the purchase or sale of properties.


Capital Replacement

Capital reserve planning and funding is critical for success. Increased operating expenses, shrinking budgets, aging buildings and tough competition make long-range planning challenging. Our reserve study solutions simplify the planning process and offer up to 30-year projections to align income with expenses and are tailored to the client’s business model. Plus, our FacilityForecast® software makes budgeting easy and accurate.


The Unique zumBrunnen Approach

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We’re Not Your Typical Building Consultants

At zumBrunnen, we’ve taken the role of the independent building consultant to a unique level, well beyond the role of the “drive-by” building inspector. All our consultants are Senior Project Managers at the top of their game. They come to zumBrunnen at a stage in their career where they want to do more – provide smart solutions, offer big cost savings, and assist clients in realizing the benefits of better quality buildings. They like the unique zumBrunnen approach, because of the real value it allows them to deliver to their clients.


Over the years, the roles of architects, general contractors and tradesman have changed significantly. There is increased pressure to complete projects more quickly and to reduce costs through value-engineering. These shifts transfer more responsibility to the owners and put the quality of buildings at risk. The zumBrunnen Senior Project Managers possess an expert, broad-based knowledge of all aspects of the building industry. They bring back the art of collaboration to the team and make sure the quality of the project remains intact while looking for logical ways to save time and money.

We convert building expertise
into real value for our clients.

Facilitators and Communicators

It’s not enough to be a building expert. The zumBrunnen Senior Project Managers are also trained, skilled facilitators. They’re able to communicate and write clear-cut, detailed reports with crisp narrative. As a result, they draw the best ideas out of all parties and help the team reach optimal solutions.

Value-Driven Solutions

Delivering value to our clients is a founding principle of the firm. In 1982, when John zumBrunnen started doing bank inspection work he asked, “Since the owner is paying my fee, how can I bring value to them?” That same uncompromising passion to deliver value gave birth to zumBrunnen in 1989, and it endures today.

Strategic Partners

At zumBrunnen, we build relationships by building value for our clients. With our unequaled experience, an independent value-driven approach, and precise reporting, we act as true strategic partners. Our involvement assures our clients remain informed and in control of key building-related decisions throughout the entire process.

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