• zumBrunnen

We Convert Building Expertise into Real Value for Our Clients

As independent building consultants, we assist real estate investors, building owners and property managers in making smart facilities and business-related decisions that save time, money and shield them from risk.

What Sets zumBrunnen Apart?

  • Experience of zumBrunnen’s Senior Project Manager
  • Quality of Services and Reports Fully Tailored to Client Needs
  • A Unique Comprehensive Approach: “From the Boiler Room to the Board Room”

The Elite zumBrunnen Team:

  • Every Senior Project Manager has an Engineering or Construction Management Degree with 20+ Years Related Experience
  • Average Years of Experience for the Team is 30+ Years
  • All Project Managers have Strong Base of Knowledge:
    • Construction Monitoring / Quality Control / Project Management
    • Facility Condition Assessment for Mergers and Acquisitions for Real Estate Investors and Owners
    • Life-Term Capital Budgeting for Major Facilities on a Nationwide Basis for Common Interest Real Estate, Churches, Schools, Health Care and Retirement Communities

The Company:

  • John zumBrunnen Started in the Consulting Business in 1980 after Working for 8 Years in Industrial and Commercial Construction
  • zumBrunnen, Inc. was Founded in 1989
  • FacilityForecast®, Inc.;  Reserve Study Software Founded in 1998
  • zumBrunnen is a Preferred Provider of Services to:
    • Senior Living  Retirement Communities, Nationwide
    • The 3 Largest Property Management Companies in GA; Gaining a Reputation on a National Basis
    • Professional Involvement with:
      • LeadingAge (and various state chapters)
      • Community Associations Institute
      • and the Coalition for Leadership in Aging

Our Client-Centered Approach:

“First and foremost, bring value by realizing and executing the concept that this service is not just about preparing a report to meet the requirement of governing authorities and standards.

Our service is also about creating a report that is: 1) complete, 2) accurate, and 3) objective that is also tailored to meet the client’s goals and objectives.”

John zumBrunnen, Founder 

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