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With aging buildings, tough competition, and increasing operating expenses, capital reserve planning is critical. zumBrunnen’s reserve studies deliver thorough assessments, expert guidance, and are powered by easy-to-use proprietary software to create smart, disciplined, rolling capital reserve plans.

What Makes zumBrunnen’s Reserve Studies Unique
Experience. Experience. Experience.

We put the strongest and most experienced Senior Project Managers on site to conduct inspections and perform assessments (which creates the backbone of the plan). Due to their years of experience, our PMs catch problems others miss in assessing both existing facilities and in monitoring new construction. Our PMs identify areas for improvement and guide clients to cost-effective, proactive solutions that go right to the bottom line. Learn more about the elite zumBrunnen PM.

A Big Picture Approach to Long-Term Planning

Our systems simplify long-term planning. We identify major costs in the 20-30 year cycle so clients can plan and fund their needs. Every item that needs to be replaced is included and can easily be modified so longer-term items never get overlooked. Clients can look down the road and see as far as they like.

Reserve Study Options to Fit Client Needs:

We offer two reserve study options:

Capital Reserve Analysis (CRA)

The CRA service is a “value proposition” service that provides management with comprehensive inspection services, and a dynamic process and the tools necessary to report future repairs and capital replacement needs of a facility for its remaining useful life.

Powered by zumBrunnen’s proprietary FacilityForecast® software, this easy-to-use reserve study solution allows users to drill down or slice and dice data. For example, users can easily vary inflation rates, interest rates, alter report terms in years, filter or combine any number of budgets, cost categories, budget item classifications, set minimum unit cost values, and calculate facility condition indexes.

Strategic Capital Replacement Budget™ (SCRB™)

The SCRB™ is designed to respond to a Client’s specific reporting need(s) at the lowest possible cost; i.e. to meet a reporting requirement of a bond covenant.

The SCRB is a limited-scope budget report where report parameters are clearly defined (limited) by the client as to: number of years; items critical to maintain the building envelope, critical systems and major fixed equipment only; minimum replacement cost of $15,000 to $20,000 per budget item, etc. This reserve study solution offers a cost-effective tool to make smart business and building-related decisions.

Easy-to-Use FacilityForecast® Software

zumBrunnen’s proprietary FacilityForecast® software offers a wealth of information and is easy to use. Available only to zumBrunnen’s clients, this software improves decision-making from the boardroom to the boiler room. The software provides the ability to adjust reporting parameters to meet needs. Data can be easily filtered and sliced and diced. The system drastically reduces budgeting errors and saves time. Learn why clients love FacilityForecast® software.

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